Center Middle School hosts 6th Grade Orientation

Officials said this is first year for the campus familiarization event for students and parents.

The first bell of the new school year for Center ISD students is still days away but the Center Middle School campus was a buzz with activity Thursday evening as teachers and staff welcomed students for the campuses' first ever sixth grade orientation.

The event was for parents and students to become familiar with the campus before next Wednesday's start of classes, officials said. Guests were provided with an overview of what middle school is all about.

Discussed will be various aspects of middle school life as well as some best practices in order to have a successful first year at CMS, officials said. Students will also be given their class schedule and get a chance to go to each of their classes to meet their teachers.

A session in the auditorium allowed staff to address the parents about middle school procedures as well as have a question-and-answer session with campus administrators. Staffers also provided address code “Do’s and Don’ts” with a fashion show to demonstrate to students and parents what is permissible and what is not at the secondary school level.

Principal Jake Henson said it is the staff's hope that this orientation will help make a smoother transition for 6th grade students and parents.

Click below for photographic scenes from Thursday's event:

New 6th graders, parents attend Center Middle School orientation Thursday evening.

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