Center downtown streetscape project work focusing on Quadrant II

Intersection of Nacogdoches-Austin streets and a half block down each street is progressing

The focus of downtown Center square's streetscape revitalization effort has moved onto the second of four quadrants for the project focused on the intersection of Nacogdoches and Austin streets.

Center City Manager Chad Nehring on Monday told Center City Council members that “significant curb/gutter and road base installation was completed in Q2 over the last two weeks.”

The project is in its 10th month after getting kicked off soon after this past October's East Texas Poultry Festival. Nehring said some construction remains to be done on the first quadrant around the intersection of San Augustine and Austin streets.

He said the work around the first quadrant includes “primarily irrigation, plantings, bollards and signage but with some pavers, electrical and drainage items remaining outstanding.”

Nehring said recent rainfall events “have proved up contractor's repair of the damaged stormwater discharge at Q1 (San Augustine and Austin) intersection.”

For more photos of construction activity around the downtown Center square, please visit:

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