August, Women on the Go

During the August meeting of the Shelby County Women on the Go, hosted by the Shelby County 4-H and AgriLife Extension office, attendees learned how to use an air fryer, Soda Stream system, and Yonanas machine.


The meeting began with AgriLife Extension officer Jheri-Lynn McSwain demonstrating to guests on how to use an air fryer to cook food including sweet potato fries that guests were able to sample and enjoy.


“The air fryer takes away the mess of using a regular fryer to cook food,” said McSwain. “It is also healthier for you since you are not using oil to cook your food.”


Dillan Payne of the Light and Champion then took the floor to demonstrate how to create different home made sodas using the Soda Stream system. He created three varieties of soda including cola, citrus, and coconut water, while explaining to attendees the benefits of using the Soda Stream system.


“There are several benefits to using a Soda Stream,” said Dillan Payne. “The syrup used to make the soda’s has no high fructose corn syrup and the bottles used are one liter, so you are getting a home made soda that is healthier and tricks your mind into thinking you are drinking more.”


Payne then led into his demonstration of the Yonanas machine, which created soft serve ice cream out of frozen fruits and bananas. He demonstrated how to freeze the fruit for use as well as the benefits of using the machine.


“You want to freeze your fruit for at least 24 hours and then let it defrost for about 30 minutes,” said Payne. “The machine creates literal soft serve ice cream just like from the store, but using bananas and any other frozen fruit you choose by using a churning mechanism inside as you feed the fruit into it.”


After the demonstrations guests were treated to a lunch consisting of home made apricot chicken, a fresh tossed green salad, and sweet potato fries from the air-frying machine.