Artist David Masterson takes his brush to a bigger canvas

Austin Street side of Davmar Gallery the latest canvas to be touched by his brush

Center-based artist David Masterson is used to large canvas paintings but one of his latest endeavors took the large canvas concept to a new height — and width.

In recent weeks he has been working from a lift bucket using the Austin Street side of his downtown Center square Davmar Gallery as his canvas. Masterson's public display of art is nothing new to Center area residents and visitors who can see his very visible artistic touches along retaining ways on Hurst Street, Timpson Street and other locations.

Soon after opened the Nacogdoches Street Davmar Gallery about a year ago Masterson set about showing townspeople he wants to add a splash of color to the city by adding artist touches to the front of the structure.

On Saturday, Aug. 10, he was seen working on the concrete block side of the gallery house, a re-purposed former bank. On Sunday, he declared the work complete.

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