2019 Christmas Pageant

Winners named in Saturday's Little Miss Merry Christmas and Mister Happy Holidays Pageant

The 24th Annual Little Miss Merry Christmas and Mister Happy Holidays Pageant was held Saturday morning, Dec. 14, at Center Middle School.

All entrants needed was their favorite Christmas, holiday or winter wear. Judging was based on facial beauty and overall appearance.

Age divisions are: Boys 0-5 years; Baby 0-11 months; Toddler 12-23 months; Tiny 2-3 years; Little 4-5 years; Petite 6-8 years; Preteen 9-12 years; and Teen 13-15 years.

Proceeds of the pageant will go towards a scholarship in memory of Tonya Bailey who passed away July 1, 2018.

“As many of you know we lost someone very important to us last year. Tonya started out in pageants at a young age and always had to be the center of attention,” organizers said. “She loved kids (especially girls) and as soon as she graduated started directing pageants to help girls have more self esteem and to show every girl that they are special.”

They said they will continue the pageant and have it dedicated to the memory of Tonya. The scholarship will go to a deserving student in Shelby County who is in need and wants to further their education which was very important to her. Thank you for your support, they said.


Boys Group:

King Mister Happy Holidays — Kylin Moore

Prince - Beckham Wheeler
Most Handsome - Beckham Wheeler
Best Fashion - Kylin Moore
Best Smile - Beckham Wheeler
Best Hair - Kylin Moore
Personality - Beckham Wheeler
People's Choice - Beckham Wheeler

Girls Group:

0-11 months:

Baby Miss Merry Christmas — Berkliegh Golden

Princesses: Emory Samford, Heavin Martinez, Nikki Youngblood
Most Beautiful - Berkleigh Golden
Best Fashion - Emory Samford
Best Smile - Nikki Youngblood
Best Hair - Heavin Martinez
Personality - Nikki Youngblood
People's Choice - Emory Samford

12-23 months:

Tiny Miss Merry Christmas — Kambri Moore\

Princesses: Jolie Adams, Maggie Parker, Kira Donahoe
Most Beautiful - Maggie Parker
Best Fashion - Kambri Moore
Best Smile - Jolie Adams
Best Hair - Kira Donahoe
Personality - Kambri Moore
People's Choice - Kira Donahoe and Jolie Resse Adams

2-3 years:

Toddler Miss Merry Christmas — Tinley Mouser

Princess: Brylee Weir
Most Beautiful - Tinley Mouser
Best Fashion - Tinley Mouser
Best Smile - Savanna Barton
Best Hair - Brylee Weir
Personality - Savanna Barton
People's Choice - Bryle Weir, Tinley Mouser, Brylee Weir

4-5 years:

Little Miss Merry Christmas — Kimberlynn Snodgrass

Most Beautiful - Kimber Lynn Snodgrass
Best Fashion - Kimber Lynn Snodgrass
Best Smile - Kimber Lynn Snodgrass
Best Hair - Kimber Lynn Snodgrass
Personality - Kimber Lynn Snodgrass

6-8 years:

Petite Miss Merry Christmas — Katelynn Willes

Most Beautiful - Katelynn Willess
Best Fashion - Katelynn Willess
Best Smile - Katelynn Willess
Best Hair - Katelynn Willess
Personality - Katelynn Willess

13-15 years:

Teen Miss Merry Christmas — Mikayla Ratcliff

Most Beautiful - Mahalia Ratcliff
Best Fashion - Mahalia Ratcliff
Best Smile - Mahalia Ratcliff
Best Hair - Mahalia Ratcliff
Personality - Mahalia Ratcliff

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