Tri-State Vacuum and Rental celebrates addition of 100th unit to fleet

Shelby County Chamber Ambassadors host ribbon cutting for growing Tenaha company

A rapidly growing Tenaha-based firm had 100 big reasons to celebrate on Thursday, June 20, with friends, Shelby County Chamber Ambassadors, staff and guests.


Tri-State Vacuum and Rental celebrated the latest milestone in its three-year history with the addition of the 100th unit to its fleet with a chamber ribbon cutting and open house event featuring a catered lunch.

The ceremony was attended by representatives of the governor's office and those from State Rep. Chris Paddie and State Rep. Travis Clardy. Employees, chamber representatives and area officials attended and were treated to lunch. A plaque from Gov. Gregg Abbott's office was presented to owners Troy and Abby Massey.

Tri-State, located on 8204 U.S. 59 North in Tenaha, hosted a crowd of well over 100.

Shelby County Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors representative Stephanie Elswick congratulated the Masseys and their team for the firm's growth and the addition of the 100th semi-truck to it's fleet.

“They're chamber members but they're also celebrating their 100th unit, which is a really big deal,” Elswick said. “We want to make sure you to know how much we appreciate you being a chamber member.

“We're here for you but we know that without businesses like your's, none of us would be here,” she said. Troy Massey used the opportunity to acknowledge the role Tri-State's employees have played in the company's growth.

“It's really about the employees and most importantly the truck drivers,” he said. “I'm a truck driver at heart, always have been, always will be, the most important and the company is the drivers.”

Massey said the company started out just over three years ago with four employees. Today, Tri-State has a staff of 120, he said.

“I think we had enough money in both of our pockets, between Abby and I, to have four employees …. we devoted a lot of time and energy into the company and we invested everything we had,” he said.

“We didn't have any investors, no private investors, just what we had in the company and a little help from the local bank who believed in us — that's probably the key to the whole company — the local bank who believed in us and our ability to put a little money to work,” Massey said.

“We're about to put our 100th truck on the road, the lime green truck, we're really excited for that,” he said. “Number 100 for us is a kind of a monument, we're no longer a mom and pop small town business, hometown business. We've got three different locations all across Texas.”

He said Tri-State has had success in recruiting quality drivers and staff from other companies in the energy industry.

“What makes me most proud is the people that work here, the truck drivers, the office ladies, the managers the dispatchers,” Massey said. “Those guys come here and call it home and when they come they don't leave.”

They do not come to work for Tri-State for more money, but for the family atmosphere, he said.

"A lot of times these other companies they try to recruit our employees. They offer them a dollar more an hour or $5,000 a year," said Massey. "The guys don't leave."

Tri-State's greatest accomplishment is the ability to recruit and bring in the most talented people. Another key part of the company's growth has been in securing and keeping good and loyal customers.

“We couldn't do it without our customers. We have customers who believe in us and gave us the opportunity to work,” Massey said. Creating true partnerships with those customers has fueled Tri-State's growth.

“It's really just a whole big circle of everything,” he said. “We've got the best employees, we've got the best equipment, we've got the best customers and really that's what this whole celebration is about.

“It's not about Abby and I, it's really not even about Tri-State, it's about employees and customers putting it all together,” Massey said.

Tri-State Vacuum provides wastewater management haul off and disposal service for oil and natural gas producers across Texas and the region.

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