Center ISD releases mid-school year review

Board Minutes: Trustees accept resignation of Barry Bowman as CISD Athletic Director

Construction is well underway on a series of projects approved by voters earlier in 2018 for Center Independent School District, Superindent Dr. James Hockenberry said.

In a mid-school year review released last week, Hockenberry said the Center Elementary School driveway and parking expansion project is underway, and the targeted completion date is January 2019, weather permitting.

“The F.L. Moffett campus expansion project will begin in January,” he said. “The multi-purpose event center is in the conceptual/design phase. It will be an amazing, beautiful, and accommodating facility.

District officials hope to “break ground” on the multi-purpose event center this spring, Hockenberry said. Center High School will see HVAC improvements beginning this summer. The other projects will start after that. In all, the entire building program will take three years.

He also offered updates on other areas of district operations:

Academic Program

Our primary objective is to focus on literacy, with a targeted emphasis on reading. Specifically, we are working to have every student reading on or above grade level by the third grade and each student make at least a year’s worth of academic growth in reading. Our local indicators show that we are making great progress toward our goal. Other subjects and programs are advancing as well.

College and Career Readiness

“Did you know that Center High School offers many Career and Technical Education (CTE) Programs that lead to career and college readiness?” Hockenberry asked. “We are continuously improving and expanding programs to provide our students the best experiences possible during their time in high school.”

For example, Center High School will begin EMT certification classes this spring. A full list of CTE courses, 54 total, are available upon request. Below are some, not all, of our flagship programs:

Culinary Arts

Agriculture Science

Advanced Art Graphics and Design

Veterinary Technician Certification Programs

Nursing and Phlebotomy Programs

In addition to the programs above, Center High School also provides and funds the tuition for dual-credit college classes. We have several college partners and a comprehensive list of available courses. It is not uncommon for a student to possess 30 or more college hours upon graduation.

He said district enrollment stood at 2,629 students in December.

Extracurricular Activities

UIL District 9 4A Division II


UIL District 19 4A


UIL District 20 4A

Academics, Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Golf, Softball, Tennis, Track and Field and Volleyball

Upcoming Events

Thursday, Dec 27th – Saturday, Dec 29th

Boys BB - Whataburger Tournament (Ft. Worth)

Girls BB – Hallsville Tournament (Hallsville)

Wednesday, Jan 2nd

Boys BB vs. Pineywood Christian @10am (home)

Friday, Jan 4th

Boys BB vs. Chapel Hill @4:30 pm (away)

Girls BB vs. Jasper @4:30 pm (home)


In other Center ISD news, the district's board of trustees minutes from the December board meeting are provided below. Please note, until the minutes are approved by the board at the next meeting they are unofficial and may be amended.

December Board Minutes

A regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of Center Independent School District (CISD) was held on Thursday, December 13, 2018, beginning at 12:00 p.m. at Center Elementary School Library located at 621 Roughrider Drive in Center, Texas 75935.

1. Call Meeting to Order and Establish a Quorum

Matthew Mettauer called the meeting to order at 12:00 p.m. and declared a quorum.


Absent: Visitors:

John Henry Holloway; Allison Johnson; Daphne LaRock; Casey Lout; Matthew Mettauer; Traci Willoughby; Deuce Wulf; Betty McDaniel, Director of Finance and James Hockenberry, Superintendent


Carey Agnew, Special Education Director; Kaylin Burleson, CHS Academic Coordinator; CES Parents; CES Students; Paul Cocklin, CISD Digital Learning Coordinator; Pam Doggett, CMS Instructional Coach; Angela Dowling, FLM Assistant Principal; Matt Gregory, CHS Principal; Heath Hagler, CIS Principal; Jake Henson, CMS Principal; Inez Hughes, FLM Principal; Shelly Norvell, CES Principal; Susan Penick, CHS Academic Coordinator; Linda Snell, Special Programs Director and Mickey Wulf, Special Education

  1. Invocation and Pledges of Allegiance

    John Henry Holloway led the invocation, and Ryder Moody led the Pledges.

  2. Recognition of CES Students

    The Board and guests were treated to Christmas carols sung by the CES Choir, an after- school program directed by Ms. Barbee and Ms. Cougler.

Traci Willoughby at 12:02 p.m.

Shelly Norvell recognized CES students for achieving a full year of literacy growth in five months.

4. Public Comments/Audience Participation


CISD Board Minutes (Regular) December 13, 2018

5. Consent Agenda

John Henry Holloway made a motion, seconded by Deuce Wulf to approve the consent agenda consisting of the minutes from the regular meeting on November 29, 2018, special called meeting on December 7, 2018, Tax Office Report (November 2018); Financial Reports (November 2018); Investment Report (November 2018), Overnight Student Trips and Investment Policy.

The motion carried 7-0.

  1. Academic Coordinator Design Overview and Update

    The Academic Coordinators provided the Board with an overview of the program design and insight into their daily practice.

  2. Review and Discussion of Academic Progress Report

    The Board received an overview of CISD’s student goal academic data baseline report from Teresa Richard.

  3. Discussion of Compensation Practices of Hard to Fill and Tested Area Positions

    Dr. Hockenberry and the Board discussed compensation practices targeting tested area and hard to fill positions which in most cases are the same. An emphasis on creating stipends for such positions is a reality that warrants our attention now. The biannual compensation audit and review results is scheduled for March 2019. After the review, a framework will be brought forward for further discussion and consideration to address compensation for tested area positions.

  4. Review Bond Project and Budget

    Dr. Hockenberry provided the Board with a summary of the bond project.

  5. Reauthorization and Appointment of Design Team Subcommittee

    Traci Willoughby made a motion, seconded by Daphne LaRock to appoint Deuce Wulf to the Design Team, replacing Greg Hubbard. Deuce Wulf abstained.

    The motion carried 6-0.

  6. Closed Session

    Matthew Mettauer called for a closed session at 12:50 p.m. under Texas Government Code §551.071, §551.072, §551.074 and §551.129 for consideration of resignation/retirement of personnel, employment of contracted personnel, extended emergency sick leave and real property.

CISD Board Minutes (Regular) December 13, 2018

12. Open Session

The Board returned into open session at 1:22 p.m. No action was taken in closed session.

  1. 12.1  District Employees and Officers: Texas Government Code §551.071, §551.074 and §551.129 for consideration of employment of contracted personnel, resignation/retirement, and extended emergency sick leave.

    1. 12.1.1  Resignation/Retirement of Personnel

      A motion was made by Daphne LaRock, seconded by Deuce Wulf to accept the resignation of contracted personnel as recommended by Superintendent Hockenberry.

      Barry Bowman, Athletic Director Center High School

      The motion carried 7-0.

    2. 12.1.2  Employment of Personnel

      There was no employment of contracted personnel to be considered by the Board.

    3. 12.1.3  Extended Emergency Sick Leave

      There were no extended emergency sick leave requests to be considered by the Board.

  2. 12.2  Real Property: Texas Government Code §551.071, §551.072 and §551.129 There was no action taken regarding the real property.

13. Adjournment

Casey Lout, seconded by Daphne LaRock to adjourn the meeting at 1:24 p.m., made a motion.

The motion carried 7-0.