Shelbyville ISD recognized with Healthy Texas designation

Shelbyville was the only school district honored for the healthy living focus in 44 county area

The Shelbyville ISD was recently awarded a banner designating it as a Healthy Texas Recognized School District from Texas A&M AgriLife Extension for District 5, according to Feleshia Thompson, Shelby County Agrilife Extension Agent.

"Shelbyville ISD was the only Healthy Texas designated school district in the East Region, which consists of 44 counties,” Thompson said. “Shelbyville teacher Jada Jones was also one of the top winners in our Step-up Scale down weight loss program in the Spring of 2019.”

Jean Taylor, Shelbyville ISD school nurse, said the district's healthy advisory committee has been instrumental in searching out ways in which the district can be exposed to improving the health and well being of students, staff and the community in general.

“The partnership with Texas A&M Agri-Life Extension has been a fabulous resource in helping reach the goal of Shelbyville ISD being recognized as the first school district in East Texas to be recognized with this District 5 honor,” Taylor said.

Thompson was on hand last week to present the school district with a banner recognizing the honor. Taylor said Shelbyville officials also recently received a congratulatory message from Carissa Wilhelm, Texas A&M Healthy Texas Specialist.

Wilhelm said the Healthy Texas program recognizes the commitment the school, staff and students have made to improving their health and the health of their community.

“When the Healthy Texas initiative was expanded to East Texas, S.W. Carter became a partner in improving the health of the school and community through education,” she said. “Studies show that when youth learn health behaviors during their adolescent years they are more likely to adopt those health behaviors and thus lead healthier and productive lives into adulthood.”

Wilhelm said S.W. Carter and the Shelbyville ISD have set an example for others and have become leaders in incorporating healthy learning into everyday classroom settings. The elementary campus had 390 participants in the Walk Across Texas program, which educated youth on the importance of physical activity in leading a healthy life, she said.

“They had 70 youth go through the “Learn Grow Eat & Go” program where youth learn how to garden fruits and vegetables and in importance of nutrition in a healthy lifestyle,” Wilhelm said. Shelbyville students also participated in the “Dinner Tonight Junior” program, which focused on balanced and healthy eating for youth, she said.

“S.W. Carter Elementary has not just committed to nurturing the health of its students, but also parents and teachers in the school community,” Wilhelm said. She said 70 adults completed the “Dinner Tonight Cooking School” and 22 adults completed the “Step-Up, Scale Down” program.

“We are thrilled to recognize S.W. Carter Elementary School as a Healthy Texas Campus and look forward to continuing to improve the health of students and families for generations to come,” Wilhelm said.

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