Sacrifices of WW II in Europe commemorated by VFW Post

V-E Day recognizes deaths, suffering of Americans, including Shelby County residents

Shelby County Memorial Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 8904 and the Auxiliary held an observance to commemorate the 74th Anniversary of VE Day on Wednesday, May 8 at the Veterans Memorial on the grounds of the 1885 Historic Shelby County Courthouse.

  “It was 74 years ago, 1945, the war in Europe ended,” said Larry Hume, quartermaster for the post and master of ceremonies for the observance. “This is what's commonly known around the world as V-E Day, or Victory In Europe Day.”

Both Americans and the British gathered to remember what they had been through, he said.

“The United States suffered over 213,000 causalities in Europe alone and today we remember them and all those who served during that time,” Hume said. There were 65 people from Shelby County who died in service to their country in the European theater during WW II, he said.

“Of the 65, 44 were killed in the chaos of battle,” Hume said. Three of the 65 were wounded in battle and died of those wounds later.

Of the 65, 13 are still classified as missing in action,” Hume said.

The date recognizes when Allied Forces accepted the unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany.

In the United Kingdom more than one million people celebrated in the streets and in the United States President Harry Truman, who turned 61 that day in 1945, dedicated the victory to the memory of his predecessor, Franklin D. Roosevelt.

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