Upgrades could be coming to the Shelby County Expo Center

After a recent presentation by Bobby Daw to the Shelby County Commissioners' Court, commissioners are seeking additional information so they can budget for improvements needed to bring more activity to the facility.

Daw said the facility is not getting used to its potential.

“We'd like to have something out there every weekend,” Daw said. “We have a few things going on, but not much.”

He said a mule rodeo is scheduled in September and Grill Fest, hosted by the Shelby County Chamber of Commerce, has been rescheduled to early June. But other than an occasional play-day, there has not been much activity at the Expo Center.

Commissioner Tom Bellmyer said commissioners will be starting to work on their next fiscal year's budget over the next couple of months and he encouraged getting some estimates for improvements so funds could be budgeted. The county's fiscal year begins on Oct. 1.

“That's a piece of county property, and we don't have it in our budget, but if had an idea of maybe what a two, or three or four-pronged approach to maybe do some bleachers, do some stalls — maybe we can budget some money for the rodeo arena so that … we could increase the amount of activity there and maybe look forward to having a rodeo there.” Bellmyer said.

“Maybe we can say hey, this year we're going to allocate X amount of dollars and we'll plan on over the next three or four years to keep adding money so we can renovate this thing and get it back you would like to see it and we could like to see it,” he said at the March 25 meeting.

Shelby County Judge Allison Harbison said an evaluation needs to be done to see if it is more feasible to take out the old bleached and replace them, or to make repairs.

Daw said for people who want to go to the arena to ride, the facility is available for $25 an hour. He said the pens at the arena are in pretty good shape but could use a good coat of paint.

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