State Rep. Chris Paddie's Capitol Update

Texas expected to gain three to four U.S. Congerssional seats after 2020 Census

One of the most important days of each legislative session is the day that the Speaker of the House makes committee appointments for each member. The committees that you are appointed to determine which policy areas you will focus the majority of your time and effort.

I am pleased to say that I was appointed as the Chairman of the House Energy Resources Committee, as well as to serve on the Housing Licensing and Administrative Procedures Committee and the Redistricting Committee. I am very happy with my committee assignments and am confident that these committees will allow me to effectively represent East Texas this session.

The Energy Resources Committee has authority over oil and gas production as well as alternative energy. It also oversees the leasing and regulation of mineral rights on public lands and provides oversight to the Railroad Commission.

I have previously served as vice chairman of this committee and am looking forward to making sure that the energy industry is able to continue driving our Texas miracle while also making certain that there are reasonable protections for the environment and land owners.

The Licensing and Administrative Procedures Committee has authority over many of the industries that have licensing requirements in Texas. These industries range from cosmetologists to engineers to plumbers.

This committee also oversees the Alcoholic Beverage Commission and the Lottery Commission. This committee oversees our on going efforts to make certain that we don't have unnecessary regulations and barriers to entry for many industries that effect our lives everyday.

The Redistricting Committee is one of the procedural committees that only has a heavy workload for a limited amount of time every decade. As we near the 2020 census, it is important that also begin the process of redistricting in the 2021 legislative session.

This committee will work to draw new districts for the Texas House, Senate and Congressional delegation. It is likely that Texas will gain three or four new congressional seats, so this committee will be crucial to making certain that we have districts which are fair and representative of Texas.

It is also important that rural areas have representation in this process as we continue the trend of rapidly growing urban areas and the ensuing growth of urban influence in the legislature.

While these committees will be a large part of my focus this session, I want to encourage you to reach out to me about any issues that concern you or ideas for legislation that would help make Texas an even better place to live. I can be reached at 512-463-0556 or

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