Sacrifices of Operation Desert Storm commemorated

VFW Post 8904, Auxiliary host ceremony on Friday, Feb. 28

The service and sacrifice of those Americans who participated in Operation Desert Storm was recognized Friday morning at the Veterans Memorial on the grounds of the Historic 1885 Shelby County Courthouse.

The ceremony was conducted by Foreign Wars Post 8904 and the Auxiliary and included a wreath laying at the memorial done by Robert Hughes.“Taps” was played by Post Commander Gene Hutto.

Among those attending was a local veteran who served in Operation Desert Storm, Wade Jones, who was accompanied by his wife Tina and son, Collyn Jones.

VFW Post Quartermaster Larry Hume served as master of ceremonies for the event and opened with a prayer of thanks for the sacrifices of those who lost their lives in Desert Storm and those who served and sacrificed for world peace.

“We gather here today in these moments to remember them,” Hume said. “May this day be a day of commemoration to honor those who served.”

As a part of the Gulf War, Operation Desert Storm began on Jan.17, 1991, when coalition forces from 34 nations led by the United States began an aerial bombardment of Iraq, he said.

“This was in response to Iraq's invasion and annexation of Kuwait,” Hume said. “A week later, on Jan. 24, a ground assault began for the liberation of Kuwat and advancement into Iraqi territory.”

After 42 days of relentless attacks on the ground and in the air President Bush declared a ceasefire on Feb. 28, 1991. Hume said 148 Americans died in battle.

“Shelby County had no known casaulties” in Desert Storm although there were some lossed in battles in the Mideast since then, he said.

“Our presence here today is a small but heartfelt thank you for those Desert Storm veterans who died in the war and those who survived but have since pasted and those still living,” Hume said.

“If it were not this small band of patriots here today, this day would have gone unnoticed in Shelby County, Texas, and that would have been ashamed,” he said. “The service and sacrifices of all the veterans who served would not have been remembered. We cannot let any group of veterans be forgotten regardless of when it was or how long ago it was.

“That is our charge and we thank you enough for caring enough to be here today,” Hume said.

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