McDonald's hosts grand re-opening event featuring dine-in table service & mobile app ordering

Makeover brings high tech edge to Center McDonald's

The Center McDonald's Restaurant recently completed a major makeover that resulted in some high tech additions designed to streamline service and accuracy.

Melissa and Rory Messick are the owners of the Center franchise and several others in Texas and Louisiana. She said the remodeling project included both interior and exterior upgrades giving the location an entirely new look inside and out.

“With all the technology we have this is exciting for Center, Texas,” Melissa said.

There are three or four prototypes for new McDonald's locations and for upgrading existing one, Melissa Messick said.

“Now people can order on a kiosk,” she said. The automated ordering system allows guests to customize their orders and pay for them in the same transaction, she said.

When a dine-in order is placed and a number assigned to the order the number goes with the customer to their table and the order is delivered to their table, Messick said.

The remodeling project was shown off during an open house on Oct. 3 complete with free cake provided customers in recognition of the investment made in the Center location.

Rory Messick said offering table service is a big change for restaurants in the chain that he is proud of.

“Whether you order at the front counter or the kiosk we have a tracking system that knows where you go” so the order can be delivered to the customer's table, he said.

“We also have our mobile app so you can place an order at your office and when you pull in the parking lot we can bring it out to you,” Rory said. The mobile phone application uses geo-fencing technology to let the kitchen staff know when the customer is getting close to the restaurant so the order can be prepared right before arrival to make sure the food is fresh and hot, he said.

“The technology anymore is just crazy, it's incredible,” Rory said. The McDonald's was relocated to the present spot from Tenaha Street in 2006.

While the location has undergone a lot of physical changes, a mainstay at the location in recent years has been store manager, Melissa Haynes. The Messicks said they are happy to have her leading the McDonald's team in Center with about 38 employees on staff.

Melissa Messick said Haynes trained at the old location on Tenaha Street and at a location they own in Carthage.

“Melissa has received several awards from McDonald's, including one of the highest, the Ray Kroc Award,” Melissa Messick said. “That goes to the top 1 percent of all managers— she's outstanding.”

Rory said the restaurant remained open throughout the construction project although the lobby was closed 17 days.

“Our drive-through never closed completely,” he said. Melissa said even with the upgrades and addition of new technology it is still the old standards that helped build McDonald's into the global operation it is.

“It's still convenience, quick and fast service, high quality and consistent quality, along with clean restrooms that keeps customers coming back,” Melissa Messick said.