Commissioners' Court accepts bid on courthouse roof replacement

Bid accepted was the highest of three submitted

With a spread between the low and high bids of $35,000 for fixing a leaking roof at the Shelby County Courthouse, the county's commissioners' court opted to go with a high bid of $130,500.

They felt there was good reason to accept the highest bid.

At the May 13 meeting Shelby County Commissioners heard presentations from S. Goodwin Roofing of Center with a bid of $94,863; ASAP Roofing from Tyler with a bid of $82,800; and A-Lert Building Systems of New Braunfels with a bid of $130,500.

At last week's May 20 meeting, Commissioner Tom Bellmyer offered his thoughts on the bids after extensively reviewing all three.

The two lower bids were of similar style roofs like the courthouse currently has with traditional repairs, he said.

“I'd really like to get away from the flat roof,” Bellmyer said. He also said the bid from Goodwin included about $24,000 in “add-ons” which would make the two higher bids closer in price.

The A-Lert bid was basically for a completely new roof on top of the building with a gabled roof design with one ridge and a roof material which slopes down in two directions, according to Jeff Sakowski, A-Lert representative.

Shelby County Judge Allison Harbison said she liked the long-term prospects of the A-Lert bid and felt it would be in place for years without issues.

“This is something that has needed to be done for a long time,” she said. With the two lower base bids, Harbison noted the courthouse would still have a flat roof which will eventually have issues.

Commissioner Charles Barr agreed the A-Lert bid appeared to be the best route to go.

“The low bid is not always the best bid,” Barr said. Bellmyer said the A-Lert bid was inclusive of the electrical work and that on the HVAC which needed to be done in conjunction with the project.

The fact the A-Lert provided air space between the new installation and the top of the courthouse should provide a buffer which should provide benefits in energy consumption.

“That dead air space is a good insulator,” Bellmyer said.

Commissioner Roscoe McSwain agreed the bid was the best option.

“I think it's the wise thing to do for the longevity of the building,” McSwain said. Bellmyer's motion to accept A-Lert's bid was unanimously approved.

Sakowski said the work should get started in August. He estimated the work could be completed within about four weeks.

In other action at the May 20 meeting, the commissioners' court accepted the only bid submitted for the county's sale the Shelby General Hospital property to Kelby McCall and KMJR Properties of Lufkin for $150,001.




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