Commentary: Take the time to make your vote count

If you wonder if one vote can make a difference, just ask Shelby County Judge Allison Harbison

If you have not already done so I urge you to take the time and make the time to vote in Tuesday’s primary election.

At the local level there are more than 20 candidates who would appreciate your vote. A number of those candidates are in contested races at the county and precinct levels.

Your vote is not only important for the candidates, it is important for the future of government at the local level.

Of course, in addition, there are numerous federal and state level positions up for consideration.

For example, on the Democrat Party ballot listed for president are 17 names. I venture to say many of those you likely have not even heard of. But for those considered the frontrunners seeking their party’s nomination there have been ample opportunities to view debates, listen to interviews and read over what they claim are their qualifications.

On the Republican ballot there are only seven names seeking the nation’s highest office. That list includes President Donald J. Trump.

The point is, there are lots of choices from president all the way down to propositions and county party chairmanships for both the Democrat and Republican parties.

For those of you who do not really feel your vote matters, please look back to local history in the 2014 GOP March Primary Election when current Shelby County Judge Allison Harbison initially was declared a winner by one vote.

After a recount her margin of victory increased to three votes — still a very close race by any measure.

I’m sure there have been other close races at the local level.

The point is, with five candidates seeking to serve us as the next Shelby County Sheriff and contested races for district attorney, county commissioners, constables and justices of the peace — your vote does matter to the candidates and to the future operations of the county, state, judicial system and for national offices.

If you missed early voting opportunities, please set aside a few minutes on Tuesday …. and make your vote count by going to the polls.

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