A clucking good time was had at chicken clucking contest

42nd Annual East Texas Poultry Festival

From pre-schoolers to adults, competition was stiff in the chicken clucking contest at the 42nd East Texas Poultry Festival Saturday.

Chicken Clucking Contest Winners announced:

Peeps – Age 5 and under

1st Place Ava Rafferty

2nd Place – Corbin Russell

3rd Place – (tie) Carson Russell and Landon Forbis

Participants: Hudson Forbis, Ellisyn Gandy

Chicks – ages 6-11

1st Place – Chace Stringer

2nd Place – Alan Vladez

3rd Place – Cooper Collette

Participants: Olivia Lowe, Caitlyn Madden, Sydney Neuwirth, Zac Payne, Caden Neuwirth and Rex Payne

Pullets – ages 12-16

1st Place – Neena Smith

2nd Place Will Hawkins

3rd Place – Chance Shuemaker

Roosters and Hens – age 17 and up

1st Place Sarah Gandy

2nd Place Olivia Worsham

3rd Place Williams Jacobs

Participants: Justin Mott and Clayton Waller.

Platinum Sponsor – Dr. Debrah Worsham

Award Sponsor – Payne's Community News

For photos from the competition, please click here:

Chicken cluckers vie for trophies in Poultry Festival competition

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