100th Anniversary of end of World War I to be commemorated

Event is set for 1 p.m., Sunday, Nov. 11, inside Historic Shelby County Courthouse

In recognition of the 100th Anniversary that ended World War I the public is invited to join Shelby County Memorial Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 8904 and Auxiliary at their Veteran’s Day Program 1 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 11.

Post Quartermaster Larry Hume said the event is being held in remembrance of the more than 884 troops from Shelby County who honorably served during that time. The program will be held inside the 1885 Shelby County Historic Courthouse, Center.

“You are encouraged to bring children and grandchildren to this historic and once in a lifetime event,” Hume said.

During the past year the Auxiliary and other residents from the community have completed the knitting of more that 2,500 remembrance poppies for their “Weeping Window” display that will be shown off Sunday. Day.

“Flowing out of one of the windows will be knitted poppies of red, representing blood shed by Americans in the World War; white for the nurses who served, tended to the sick and wounded and died from disease, accidents and enemy action; and purple for the animals who also served and died in the chaos of war,” he said.

  The Weeping Window display serves as a tribute to remember those who served a century ago. 

  More information or questions please contact Post Quartermaster Larry Hume at 598-2976 or email at chief@chiefimaging.com.

In addition to the local ceremony, Hume said the VFW in conjunction with the Texas WWI Centennial Commemoration is encouraging local churches, businesses and individuals to ring their bells at 11 a.m. On Sunday, Nov. 11 in remembrance of the “11th hour, on the 11th day of the 11th month” of 1918 when the the fighting ended.

The effort is part of a global remembrance to encourage bells to be tolled around the world to mark the end of the Great War. The effort is called “BELLS OF PEACE: A WORLD WAR ONE REMEMBRANCE” in honor of the 116,516 Americans who died in World War I.

For additional details, please visit: https://www.texasworldwar1centennial.org/2018/07/07/bells-peace-world-war-remembrance/

In June the Shelby County Historical Society and its museum held a reception for a special exhibition to highlight a special exhibit honoring the sacrifices of the more than 880 Shelby County residents identified who participated in World War I, said Hume, who helped organize the exhibit.

Hume said the World War I exhibition will continue on display leading up the Veterans Day in November when the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I is commemorated. Hume, an Air Force veteran, serves as quartermaster for VRW Post 8904.

The exhibition is housed at the Shelby County Museum, 230 Pecan St.

“We've accumulated about 887 names of Shelby County veterans who served in World War I, or who were not from Shelby County but are now buried here,” he said. Photos of many of the veterans are on display and for those veterans whose photographs would not be traced down, other details of their service are provided.

“This was supposed to be the war to end all wars but that did not happen,” Hume said. He has spent more than a year researching information for the exhibition and said there are probably still some names of WW I veterans he has not found.

Hume noted holding the program on Sunday may not fit in everyone's schedule.

“But you only have one opportunity to recognize the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I,” Hume said.