Colleen Doggett has a transformational year

Pineywoods Makeover experience builds self esteem

It may be a bit of an understatement to say the past year has been a transformational one for Colleen Joy Doggett of Center.

The transformation has been on both a physical and emotional level, she said.

A little more than a year ago she was selected at the 10th annual recipient of the Change Your Life Pineywoods Makeover. With the help of experts in the fields of plastic surgery, dentistry, physical fitness, fashion, makeup and more over the past 13 months she has undergone a major mental and physical makeover.

Doggett said she has heard of the Pineywoods Makeover for several years but said she never felt it was for her.

“I didn't do anything about it until 2016 and I decided that I needed a boost,” she said. “You go along and go along and everything's the same sometimes you just need a boost to your confidence.”

She called Dr. John Caster's plastic surgery office in Nacogdoches and had an application for the Pineywoods Makeover sent to her.

“I filled it out with a narrative you had to write on why you wanted this,” Doggett said. “A couple of weeks later I got a call they were interviewing so I went for an interview and everybody who's on what they call the Dream Team is sitting around in a semi-circle and here was I in the middle.”

She was asked a volley of questions and team members explained what the makeover experience was all about and what was involved.

“I told them I didn't expect to look like I was 25 again or anything like that, I just needed a confidence booster and wanted to improve myself,” Doggett said. “About noon the next day I got a telephone call and told I was it. This was back in January of 2018, so it's been a year's process.”

She was given a list of things she needed to do and people she needed to contact.

“All the services are free,” she said. Among the benefits was getting a lifetime membership to Planet Fitness in Nacogdoches with the services of a physical trainer included.

She took advantage of the membership and working with a trainer.

“That helped me to feel better, make my muscles stronger, and lose weight,” Doggett said.”I've actually lost 12 pounds over the year.”

She had front teeth, two of which had been broken off as a child, repaired so they matched improving her smile.

Nacogdoches plastic surgeon Dr. John Caster was among those specialists working with Doggett. On her, he took took out skin and fat to tighten and rejuvenate the upper face.

“I also did botox and fillers, fillers are what you use to fill in low spots,” Caster said.

This was the 10th year for the makeover event with a counselor added to the makeover because sometimes participants have entered the program with emotional baggage, Caster said.

“We've always wanted part of this to be not just looking better from here up,” he said, gesturing to the neck and above area. “And not to be just thinner either …. we wanted physical fitness and that does not mean you have to be a body builder. There's a lot to physical fitness and nutrition.”

Caster said at the reveal none of the work is funded.

“Everything we do we try to find somebody to donate it, either that or the team members spend out of pocket,” he said.

“With Dr. Caster, he did an upper and lower eyelid tuck,” Doggett said. “That took awhile to heal.”

He also did botox and lip fillers, she said.

“They also have a free counselor you can meet with once a month for a year in case you have too much problem dealing with the changes, and I did at first,” she said. “When I'd look at myself in the mirror I'd say 'who is this person?'”

She let her hair grow and in January it was cut and styled, cut and colored. Doggett also received makeup advice and makeup.

Near the end of the year she was allowed to pick out outfits to reflect the new Colleen.

“It's been a year long process,” she said. “But everyone was so professional.”

"I just feel better about myself and stronger, more confident and I would recommend it to anybody who was thinking about it," said Doggett. In simple terms, it feels good to look good.

She does not know what the total value of the services the professionals provided, but it easily tops thousands of dollars of services, with the dental work alone

“It has made me feel so special and so good about myself,” she said. “As a single person you don't have someone at home who is your champion to help make you feel good about yourself.”

Her time as a participant in the Piney Woods Makeover experience was completed with Saturday's “reveal party” at the Jones House Bed and Breakfast in Nacogdoches. A reception was held in her honor with hors d’oeuvres and the opportunity to explain how the Pineywoods Makeover has changed her life.

Doggett said she plans to continue down the road to a healthier lifestyle and mindset.

“One thing I'm going to do is continue with the training once or twice a week and I can walk here in town,” she said. Over the year Doggett said she has developed a bond with the makeover team members.

“I”m going to miss them, they've become my friends,” she said. Doggett also plans to continue her active lifestyle, which includes serving on the Shelby County Historical Commission, being a member of the Center Woman's Reading Club and doing some substitute teaching.

Doggett is also venturing out with her new feeling of self esteem as a Pampered Chef consultant handing that line of products as an independent representative.

“I really love those products,” she said. As she moves on with her life, Doggett said she would recommend the experience to anyone else considering themselves in need of a major life transformation.

Sponsors said applications can be picked up at the following locations.

Lehmann Eye Center, 5300 North Street, Nacogdoches
Jon Caster, MD, 1105 N. University Drive, Suite 102, Nacogdoches
Brent Stephens, DDS, 4703 NE Stallings Drive, Nacogdoches
Surgery Center of Nacogdoches, 4948 NE Stallings Drive, Nacogdoches
Merle Norman, 3205 University Drive, Nacogdoches
The Daily Sentinel, 4920 Colonial Drive, Nacogdoches
Creative Photography, 325 E. Main Street, Nacogdoches
Laine's Hallmark, 3205 N. University Drive, Nacogdoches

You can also request an application be emailed to you by private message or by emailing


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