Windham, Johnson to square off in runoff for sheriff

No candidate gains a majority in five-way race setting up May 26 runoff

In the five-way race for Shelby County Sheriff, there will be a runoff between Kevin W. Windham with 1,651 votes, or 30.31 percent of the total, and Newton Johnson Jr., with 1,175 votes or 21.57 percent of the total.

Since none of the five candidates received a majority of the vote Windham and Johnson will square off in a May 26 runoff.

Rounding out the voting in the sheriff's race were Tanner Peace, 1,012 votes (18.58%); Joey Hudnall, 829 votes (15.22 %); and Derek Barbee 780 votes (14.32%).

Windham has is chief deputy with the Shelby County Sheriff's Office and has been with the department since May 2014.

My decision to run for sheriff is based on the tremendous amount of encouragement from the community,” he said when announcing his run for office. “The support of many individuals helped me to realize that this decision was not about 'me' but about how 'we' could better our county for everyone.

Johnson is a former Shelby County Sheriff who said he has been a certified Texas Peace Officer for 46 years.

“I hold a Master Peace Officer Certification, which is the highest certification level awarded by the State of Texas,” he said in his announcement seeking the office. “I was appointed and sworn in as a Deputy United States Marshal in 2005 and 2011. I have served as Sheriff in Orange and Shelby counties in Texas.”

Key dates for the upcoming runoff, include:

March 18, Wednesday5 p.m. — Last day runoff primary candidates may withdraw from ballot.

April 27, Monday — Last day to register to vote or make a change of address effective for the Tuesday, May 26, 2020 primary runoff election.

May 5, Tuesday Last day for county clerk to post notice of the runoff primary election o202n the county’s website. The notice must also be posted on the county’s website if the county maintains a website. If the county does not maintain a website, the notice must be posted on the commissioners court bulletin board.

• May 15, Friday — Last day for early voting clerk to receive applications for a ballot to be voted by mail. (All applications to vote by mail must be received by the early voting clerk before the close of regular business or 12 noon, whichever is later. Applications to vote by mail must be submitted by mail, common or contract carrier, fax (if a fax machine is available in the office of the early voting clerk) or e-mail. The early voting clerk will need to designate an e-mail address for the receipt of applications for ballot by mail.

May 18, Monday — First day to vote early in person for the May 26 runoff election.

May 22, Friday Last day to vote early in person in the runoff primary election.

May 26, Tuesday — Runoff Primary election day.

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