Yes, Santa, there really is 'Mona the Miraculous'

This story of a family's unconditional love and a Center, Texas girl's letter to Santa Claus may just catch readers by the heart

The holiday season has arrived in full force! My thoughts have been totally preoccupied with Christmas lists, gift giving and party planning. This will be our first Christmas in our new…everything! A new home to decorate. Hosting new parties, in a new town with new friends.

It is also a very busy time at work. Our newspaper moves at the speed of light between October and December. Towards the end of the year we gather letters to Santa written by Shelby county kiddos to publish in our newspaper right before Christmas.

When we received our first letter, I quickly read it with anticipation of the usual list of toys and North Pole wishes. Ready to exclaim “awwwww…isn’t that so cute!”

Then the reality of our world hit me square on the chin. The Christmas spirit engulfed me as I read this letter from 11 year-old Mona-Ruth Price.

Mona lives in Center with her adopted parents, Geraldine and Curtis Price. Eleven years ago, the Prices received a call from foster care that would take their lives down an unexpected road.

Although Mona had been born a healthy baby, at four months old she was paralyzed on her left side, she was deaf and blind and was having more than 300 seizures a day.

Four other prospective foster care families had already turned down the adoption.

At three months old Mona’s tiny body had been shaken. Her brain stem was snapped in two.

She was on life support at the hospital when the Prices got the call to adopt. Most of the physicians at the time did not foresee Mona living much longer.

Almost 11 years later Mona-Ruth Price has racked up quite a list of true miracles. A nerve stimulator was put into Mona with the hope of cutting the seizures in half. Mona has had zero seizures in the past 10 years, according to Geraldine Price.

Mona had to have hip reconstructive surgery because her hips had been dislocated when she was shaken. The surgery was done at the Scottish-Rite hospital. There are no curves in her spine. And the docs say that Mona is doing great.

Mona relies on her wheelchair for day-to-day mobility. But, she can walk with assistance.

Mona’s vision and hearing improves daily. She has absolutely no problem hearing music! Mona totally turns into a different child when she listens to music.

Mona is in third grade at Center Elementary, where all of the kids enjoy helping her in any way possible, he mother says. With the exception of going to occupational therapy and physical therapy, Mona’s days consist of what most kids her age have in their days; Pizza, computers, school, music and swimming when possible.

The Price household is full of music, fun and laughter. They have four sons of their own. Plus, they adopted another girl as a teenager who is currently 24 years old.

Mona is surrounded by love. She shines a bright light from within that is contagious. Ask anyone who knows her — from teachers to fellow students.

Mona the Miraculous” is truly a living miracle. Geraldine and Curtis Price are also living miracles. There is a large possibility that Mona would not be here today without them had they not intervened.

Yes, Santa Claus, there are miracles out there. We just have to open our hearts and our eyes to witness them.

If you believe…


EDITOR’S NOTE: Guest columnist Stephanie Elswick is the advertising manager for The Light and Champion who says reading Mona’s Letter to Santa brought tears to her eyes.


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