State reports Shelby County coronavirus confirmed cases at 51 on Thursday afternoon

Texas health officials on Thursday afternoon reported there were now 51 confirmed COVID-19/coronavirus cases in Shelby County.

That represents an increased of 18 confirmed cases in the past week. Earlier in the day on Thursday, Kerri Shofner, Shelby County Emergency Management Coordinator, said her office on Wednesday had been notified of five more cases, then bringing the total to 49.

“Information on hospitalizations is still unknown on all the positive confirmed cases but we do have definitive confirmation that nine of these 49 were hospitalized,” she said.

While four counties or Louisiana parishes next Shelby County have reported deaths due to COVID-19, the Shelby County has not had any yet by health officials. Nacogdoches County has had six deaths, Panola, three; San Augustine, one; and DeSoto Parish, eight, according to the Texas Department of State Health Services.

Shofner said it is difficult to pinpoint reasons for the jump in local cases.

“Although we have no definitive reason, we can only say that some of the potential reasons could be that there is more testing being available in Shelby County and in some instances testing criteria has been broadened,” she said.

Shofner said more private labs are performing the lab tests and instead of there being a 3-5 day turnaround on results (as is the case with some state labs) these private labs are now having a 24-48 hour turn around on results.

“And lastly and surely most importantly, coronavirus is community spread in Shelby County,” Shofner said.

She said the best way to ensure residents lower these positive confirmations and slow down the spread is to:

  • stay home as much as possible

  • maintain social distancing when you do have to be out (at least 6 ft)

  • practice good hygiene by washing your hands often for at least 20 seconds or using hand sanitizer

  • definitely stay home if you’re sick.

Elsewhere in Northeasat Texas, health officials said there have now been more than 500 confirmed cases. Nacogdoches County had 69 confirmed cases as of Thursday afternoon, the state reported.

In Rusk County the number of confirmed cases rose from 17 reported the previous day to 24 on Thursday; Panola County had 32 confirmed cases; and San Augustine County had 11 on Thursday, according to the Texas State Department of Health Services.

Statewide in Texas there have been 16,455 confirmed COVID-19 cases as of Thursday with 393 deaths. Officials reported there have been 3,677 victims recover.

Northeast Texas

Counties Cases/Deaths

Shelby 51

Nacogdoches 696/6

Angelina 20

Smith 108/1

Gregg 48

Rusk 24

Harrison 35/1

Panola 32/3

San Augustine 11/1

NOTE: Sometimes the number of cases reported by the state differ from figures released by local officials due to a lag in reporting.


Across the Sabine River in DeSoto Parish, the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases rose from 134 on Wednesday to 140 on Thursday.

Caddo Parish had 1,154 confirmed cases as of Thursday and 55 deaths; while Bossier Parish had 220 cases and 11 deaths reported, according to the Louisiana Department of Health.

In Louisiana there have been 22,532 confirmed cases as of Thursday, an increase of 581 cases since Wednesday. The state has 1,156 deaths tied to the pandemic.

DeSoto Parish by the numbers released by DeSoto Parish Sheriff's Office:
April 08: 91 Cases (+2 in 24hrs)
April 09: 101 cases (+10 in 24 hrs)
April 10: 107 cases (+6 in 24 hrs)
April 11: 114 cases (+7 in 24 hrs)
April 12: 124 cases (+10 in 24 hrs)
April 13: 125 cases (+1 in 24 hrs)
April 14: 130 cases (+5 in 24 hrs)
April 15: 134 cases (+4 in 24 hrs)
April 16: 140 cases (+6 in 24 hrs)

Total Parish Deaths to Date: 8

State of Louisiana by the numbers:
April 08: 17,030 cases (+746 in 24 hrs)
April 09: 18,283 cases (+1,253 in 24 hrs)
April 10: 19,253 cases (+970 in 24 hrs)
April 11: 20,014 cases (+761 in 24 hrs)
April 12: 20,595 cases (+581 in 24 hrs)
April 13: 21,016 cases (+421 in 24 hrs)
April 14: 21,518 cases (+502 in 24 hrs)
April 15: 21,951 cases (+433 in 24 hrs)
April 16: 22,532 cases (+581 in 24 hrs)
Total State Deaths to Date: 1,156 (+53 in 24 hrs)


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