FRIDAY UPDATE: Shelby County confirmed COVID-19 cases rise to 172

Panola County officials told of errors in reports provided by state health officials

Shelby County's number of confirmed COVID-19 cases increased by five in Friday's report provided by state health officials to 172 cases.

That was up from the 167 reported on Thursday by the state's Department of State Health Services. State health officials said Shelby County has had 602 residents tested.

As of Friday afternoon's report, DSHS said there have been 88 county victims recover with 74 active cases.

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Panola County Judge LeeAnn Jones shed a little more light on how and why there appear to be so many differences and apparent discrepancies in how the Texas Department of Health Services reports supposedly confirmed cases and deaths.

“The Texas Department of Health Services erroneously reported three additional positive cases of the COVID-19 virus in Panola County” on Wednesday, she said. “These three cases had already been reported to local officials in early April.”

The change placed the cumulative total for confirmed COVID-19 which local officials had been informed of was 172 cases. That differed from the 158 cases the statewide dashboard reported Friday afternoon. The state report attributed 15 deaths in Panola County to COVID-19.

Jones passed along appreciation for local assistance in attempting to keep up with the numbers.

“Many thanks to Briarcliff worker Sharon Carter for her diligence in trying to keep up with these numbers and for noticing this discrepancy,” Jones said.

Nacogdoches County officials on Thursday evening reported the number of deaths there attributed to COVID-19 increased by one more victim to 12 deaths.

The latest COVID-19 fatality in Nacogdoches County was of a 40-49-year-old female.

“Total case count in Nacogdoches County is 226,” Nacogdoches County Emergency Management Office reported. “Sadly, there are also 12 confirmed deaths. Please keep the families in your thoughts and prayers.”

That number of cases reported to local officials varied from what the state was reporting Friday afternoon when it reported 229 cases and 17 deaths.

Regarding discrepancies and the official chain of verifying and reporting cases, the office responded.

“As a friendly reminder, citizens in the community may be aware of cases and fatalities sooner than reported on this site,” the emergency management office said. “We remain committed to ensuring all cases are confirmed by the appropriate sources and sometimes sensitivities with these situations take time.”

Two other cases reported in Nacogdoches County both come from long term care facilities. One was an 80-89 year-old male and the other a 70-79 year-old female, officials said.

Additionally, one case reported Wednesday, a 19-29 yr old male, has since been identified as a resident of another county and has been removed from the Nacogdoches County total count.

State officials will return to Nacogdoches for additional COVID19 mobile testing on Monday, May 18 at Robert McCrimmon Park.

REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED and all tests will be scheduled in advance. To be eligible for this free testing, you must have one or more symptoms of COVID19, officials said. Register on Sunday by calling 512-883-2400 or visiting
DSHS has provided results of this ongoing statewide mobile testing effort. 95 tests were conducted in Nacogdoches County on May 1, of which 86 were negative.

In the Marshall area of Harrison County, County Judge Chad Sims reported one new confirmed case bringing the total to 201 cases reported to local officials as of late Thursday.

“We also have four new recoveries to report bringing our recovered total to 30,” Sims said. “Active cases have now dropped from 163 to 160.”

“Over the last few days we've seen a flattening in the curve and today finally a meaningful drop,” he said. “We aren't out of the woods yet, but definitely headed in the right direction.”

In the Longview area of Gregg County the third COVID-19 related death was reported by local health officials on Friday.

Gregg County Health Authority Director Dr. Lewis Browne said the patient was an 80-year-old woman who was a resident at a nursing home who had tested positive May 1.

The news comes a day after the county had its highest-single day spike in COVID-19 cases with 29 new cases on Thursday. As of Thursday evening, the county had 177 cumulative cases of the virus reported at the local level.

Statewide in Texas on Wednesday, officials were reporting more than 1,300 additional cases as testing continues to ramp up. On Thursday the state tallied 43,851 confirmed COVID-19 cases, by Friday that figure jumped by 1,347 to 43,851.

There have now been 1,272 deaths attributed to COVID-19 in the state. DSHS reports there have been 25,454 victims recover with 18,472 cases still considered active.

Cases by County/Deaths

Shelby — 172 cumulative cases/5 deaths

Nacogdoches — 229/17

Angelina — 131/1

Smith — 189/3

Gregg — 142/0

Rusk — 40/1

Harrison — 200/19

Panola — 158/15

San Augustine — 22/1

NOTE: These figures are provided at the state level by DSHS on Thursday afternoon and often differ from the figures local county level officials have been given by health officials.



Confirmed COVID-19 cases in DeSoto Parish, La., rose to 225 with 14 deaths as of noon Friday, according to the Louisiana Department of Health.

In Caddo Parish the number of confirmed cases rose to 1,846 with 147 deaths attributed to COVID-19. In Bossier Parish there were 336 confirmed cases and 27 deaths reported by the state.


Northwest Louisiana as of mid-day Friday May 15:

DeSoto Parish – 225/14

Caddo Parish – 1,846/147

Bossier Parish – 336/27

Webster Parish – 1,125/5

Clairborne Parish – 59/10

Bienville Parish – 83/20

Lincoln Parish – 122/13

Red River Parish – 40/6

Sabine Parish – 29/0

Natchitoches Parish – 102/12


Information in charts below is shared from DeSoto Parish Sheriff Jayson Richardson:


May 04: 29,673 cases (+333 in 24 hrs) +22 deaths
May 05: 29,996 cases (+323 in 24 hrs) +51 deaths
May 06: 30,399 cases (+403 in 24 hrs) +52 deaths
May 07: 30,652 cases (+253 in 24 hrs) +41 deaths
May 08: 30,855 cases (+203 in 24 hrs) +19 deaths
May 09: 31,417 cases (+562 in 24 hrs) +40 deaths
May 10: 31,600 cases (+183 in 24 hrs) +19 deaths
May 11: 31,815 cases (+215 in 24 hrs) +29 deaths
May 12: 32,050 cases (+235 in 24 hrs) +39 deaths
May 13: 32,662 cases (+612 in 24 hrs) +34 deaths
May 14: 33,489 cases (+827 in 24 hrs) +36 deaths
May 15: 33,837 cases (+348 in 24 hrs) +31 deaths

Total State Deaths to Date: 2382
Total Presumed Recovered: 22,608 cases

Patients in Hospitals: 1091 (-102 in 24 hrs)
Patients on Ventilators: 132 (-8 in 24 hrs)



May 04: 202 cases (+3 in 24 hrs) +1 death
May 05: 202 cases (+0 in 24 hrs) +0 deaths
May 06: 205 cases (+3 in 24 hrs) +0 deaths
May 07: 207 cases (+2 in 24 hrs) +0 deaths
May 08: 208 cases (+1 in 24 hrs) +0 deaths
May 09: 213 cases (+5 in 24 hrs) +0 deaths
May 10: 214 cases (+1 in 24 hrs) +0 deaths
May 11: 215 cases (+1 in 24 hrs) +1 death
May 12: 215 cases (+0 in 24 hrs) +0 deaths
May 13: 221 cases (+6 in 24 hrs) +0 deaths
May 14: 223 cases (+2 in 24 hrs) +0 deaths
May 15: 225 cases (+2 in 24 hrs) +0 deaths

Total Parish Deaths to Date: 14


*The following numbers were most recently updated: May 14, 2020 and are not provided on a daily basis.
FRIERSON: 12 cases
GLOSTER: 11 cases
GRAND CANE: 18 cases
KEATCHIE: 7 cases
LOGANSPORT: 26 cases
MANSFIELD: 124 cases
PELICAN: 10 cases
STONEWALL: 31 cases


53% - Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)
33% - Diabetes
18% - Cardiac Disease
18% - Chronic Kidney Disease
17% Obesity
11% Congestive Heart Failure
11% Pulmonary
7% Cancer
7% Neurological
4% Asthma


18 & Under: 555 cases / 2 deaths (+0 deaths)
Ages 19-29: 4,094 cases / 9 deaths (+0 deaths)
Ages 30-39: 5,370 cases / 41 deaths (+0 deaths)
Ages 40-49: 5,639 cases / 90 deaths (+2 deaths)
Ages 50-59: 6,365 cases / 206 deaths (+0 deaths)
Ages 60-69: 5,532 cases / 436 deaths (+7 deaths)
Ages 70+: 6,282 cases / 1,598 deaths (+22 deaths)

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