Friday Update: Shelby County confirmed COVID-19 cases at 87

Shelby County's official tally of confirmed COVID-19 cases rose to 87 on Friday, according to officials.

Soon after the state released that figure, Shelby County Judge Allison Harbison updated the information from local health officials and said the latest update pegs the tall at 87 cases.

“As of this morning, Shelby County has 87 positive COVID-19 cases,” Harbison said. “Of these 87 there are 9 recoveries, three of the 9 were in the hospital. Once a patient is deemed recovered, they are taken off the list of active cases.”

That represents an increase of two cases from Thursday, officials indicated.

Panola County officials on Friday reported 10 new COVID-19 cases nudging the total there to 85 cases, which is a number which varies greatly from the 70 confirmed cases the Texas Department of Health Services was reporting about noon Friday.

One of the governor's military testing teams (MTTs) was set up in Carthage at First Baptist Church with a drive-through COVID-19 testing station similar to what is set up in Center at First United Pentecostal Church.

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Late Thursday the Nacogdoches Emergency Management Office reported three new cases of confirmed COVID-19, bringing the county's total to 111. On Friday morning, DSHS confirmed 2 additional cases for 113 total in Nacogdoches. 20 of those are estimated recovered.

The state in its noon Friday update pegged the number of confirmed cases at 115 as of midday.

“Based on the formula DSHS previously released, we estimate 20 recoveries,” said a statement from Nacogdoches officials. Of the three new cases there, officials said one was a 60-69-year-old female who lives in the city; one is a female, aged 19-29 who resides in the county; and the third was a 60-69-year-old male who lives within the Nacogdoches city limits.

San Augustine County as of Friday now has 16 confirmed positive cases of COVID-19.

Statewide there were 22,806 confirmed cases as of mid-day Friday. There had been 593 deaths attributed to COVID-19 and 9,156 victims who have recovered.

Harris County in the Houston area continues to lead Texas in confirmed cases with 5,330 cases and 82 deaths. Dallas County had 2,763 cases and 72 deaths.

Confirmed COVID-19 cases in Texas have now been found in 204 of the state's 254 counties as of Friday. These figures are provided by the Texas Department of State Health Services and likely differ from numbers being released locally.

Northeast Texas

Counties Cases/Deaths

Shelby 86

Nacogdoches 115/6

Angelina 33

Smith 131/3

Gregg 58

Rusk 30/1

Harrison 69/1

Panola 70/1

San Augustine 16/1

NOTE: Sometimes the number of cases reported by the state differ from figures released by local officials due to a lag in reporting.



Confirmed COVID-19 cases in DeSoto Parish, La., stood at 180 with 10 deaths as of noon Friday, according to the Louisiana Department of Health.

In Caddo Parish the number of confirmed cases rose to 1,407 with 85 deaths attributed to COVID-19. In Bossier Parish there were 258 confirmed cases and 12 deaths reported by the state.

Northwest Louisiana as of mid-day Friday, April 24:

DeSoto Parish — 180/10

Caddo Parish — 1,407/85

Bossier Parish — 25812

Webster Parish — 80/4

Clairborne Parish — 52/5

Bienville Parish — 69/13

Lincoln Parish — 64/4

Red River Parish — 22/4

Sabine Parish — 13/0

Natchitoches Parish — 65/2

Information in charts below is shared from DeSoto Parish Sheriff Jayson Richardson:

April 18: 23,580 cases (+462 in 24 hrs) +54 deaths
April 19: 23,928 cases (+348 in 24 hrs) +29 deaths
April 20: 24,523 cases (+595 in 24 hrs) +32 deaths
April 21: 24,854 cases (+331 in 24 hrs) +77 deaths
April 22: 25,258 cases (+404 in 24 hrs) +68 deaths
April 23: 25,739 cases (+481 in 24 hrs) +67 deaths
April 24: 26,140 cases (+401 in 24 hrs) +157 deaths
Total State Deaths to Date: 1,540
Patients in Hospitals: 1,697 (-30 from yesterday)
Patients on Ventilators: 286 (-2 from yesterday)

April 18: 152 cases (+7 in 24 hrs) +0 deaths
April 19: 156 cases (+4 in 24 hrs) +0 deaths
April 20: 158 cases (+2 in 24 hrs) +1 death
April 21: 168 cases (+10 in 24 hrs) +1 death
April 22: 171 cases (+3 in 24 hrs) +0 deaths
April 23: 176 cases (+5 in 24 hrs) +0 deaths
April 24: 180 cases (+4 in 24 hrs) +0 deaths
Total Parish Deaths to Date: 10

Details on numbers for surrounding parishes can be found at the website listed above.

The following DeSoto Parish information is subject to change and is not provided daily but is provided by the DeSoto Parish Sheriff's Office who said the figures are compiled by different sources.
FRIERSON: 7 cases
GLOSTER: 8 cases
GRAND CANE: 6 cases
KEATCHIE: 4 cases
MANSFIELD: 64 cases
PELICAN: 10 cases
STONEWALL: 22 cases


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