Columnist shares her afternoon with Lt. Colonel Oliver North

Everyone Has A Story

You could not have been around in the 1980’s without knowing the name Lt.Colonel Oliver North.


I was a teenager living in Germany during the Cold War. I remember even at 16 years old I would have nightmares about Russian soldiers marching down my street. On nights that I was particularly uneasy, I would help calm myself by reminding myself who was running America: President Ronald Reagan, Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf and Oliver North.

Earlier in November my husband and I got tickets to a Veterans Day program where North was going to speak as well as Rodney Demery from the hot ID Channel TV show, Murder Chose me.

I think I was just as excited to hear Demery speak as I was North. Demery spent his career in law enforcement solving crimes in Shreveport, Louisiana with a 100 percent rate of confession from the cases he solved. His show, set in Shreveport, is about to enter its fourth season in April of 2019.

When Oliver North took the stage, he was met with a standing ovation. My husband and I sat in the third row from the stage.

When we were standing, I turned around and saw a sea of veterans sitting behind me. I do not think I have felt safer in my life. I got the privilege to talk to several veterans that were seated around me.

As a daughter of a Vietnam veteran, I have heard stories like theirs my whole life. I think through their stories and the ones I heard growing up I felt a connection to the veterans that were there.

Lots of faces around me were full of tears when North was speaking. I felt like I was in a room full of siblings. The closeness and bond the veterans had for one another was like being at a big family reunion full of family that you are meeting for the first time.

North's speech was so encouraging and made me feel even prouder to be an American. After the event was over we got to shake hands and get autographs from both North and Demery.

When the event was over, I had to sit in silence for a few minutes to absorb what all both men had talked about community and protecting our youth.]

I feel even more motivated to keep fighting to help bring Shelby County back to the days where residents were proud to be from here. Proud to say that I am a Shelby Countian. Support Local & Love Thy Neighbor.


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