Carthage Nursing facility hit hard by coronavirus; Nac County cases rise to 72

Rusk County has first death attributed to COVID-19

In Carthage, officials with Briarcliff Skilled Nursing on Thursday reported the facility now has had 12 residents and eight staffers who have tested positive for COVID-19.

The facility's website indicated 24 residents and 10 employees have been tested with seven of those tests coming back negative. Earlier this week the facility confirmed two deaths of residents.

Panola County Judge Lee Ann Jones said the total confirmed cases for the county now stand at 33.

Rusk County officials reported the county's first death attributed to COVID-19 on Thursday while the county's confirmed number of cases was 29.

In Harrison County the number of confirmed cases rose to 36 on Thursday afternoon, officials said. In Angelina County, the number of confirmed cases stood at 24 on Thursday afternoon, officials reported.

The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Nacogdoches County on Thursday afternoon rose to 72 with five new cases. The county's death tally remained at six.

Statement from the Office of Nacogdoches Emergency Management Office on Thursday afternoon:

Thanks for your patience as we navigate this ever-evolving situation, Nacogdoches. We did not always get streamlined data from DSHS from the onset of this pandemic, but we're thankful to have recently received confirmation from our official source regarding clusters of cases in Nacogdoches County.

This information was demanded by your elected officials in the name of continued transparency. Although some will always yearn for more information, please know (other than personal information) we have always released what we know to the public. We will remain committed to that philosophy and will not concede to rumors, news stories, and allegations. We encourage you to do the same.

As you know, we have implemented a practice to only release factual information and to respect the privacy of patients and their families in Nacogdoches County. We have been committed to releasing information to the public in a timely and accurate manner and have been diligent in listening to the public regarding the presentation of data and the type of information released. This week we launched our new dashboard to show the totality of the data in Nacogdoches County -- we will also continue to publish status cards for a more mobile friendly experience, per your request.

Please understand there is a great deal of work going into keeping this community safe. Our healthcare partners, elected officials, emergency management personnel, and city/county staff are dedicated to ensuring the community perseveres through this situation.

Our total cases for Nacogdoches County is now 72. Using the formula DSHS provided earlier this week, we estimate 7 recoveries.

Details for the 5 new cases:
•Travel history and hospitalization unknown
• 19-29 yr old Female; City Resident
• 80-89 yr old Male; County Resident
• 30-39 yr old Female; County Resident
• 40-49 yr old Female; County Resident
• 80-89 yr old Female; City Resident

• Dashboard link for Nacogdoches COVID-19 activity:

In the Tyler area of Smith County, the North East Texas Health District on Thursday afternoon reported the number of confirmed cases there increased to 112 with a second death there attributed to COVID-19.

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