TxDOT downtown Center traffic flow study extended to Aug. 17

TxDOT: Next phase includes installing stop signs, covering signal lights

Texas Department of Transportation officials have completed the first phase of the downtown Center square traffic study which began in mid-June.

TxDOT spokesperson Rhonda Oaks said motorists can expect to see stop signs going up at each of the four intersections entering and exiting the square.

“We have completed the first phase (30 days) of the traffic study with the signals on the square in Center,” she said. “We have now begun the second phase of the traffic study which includes using stop signs at the signal locations.”

Oaks said the downtown traffic signals will now either bagged or turned down so that motorists are not confused and can clearly see the stop signs that are placed.

“This part of the traffic study should be completed on Aug. 17, Oaks said. “Based on whether there are any issues that arise, TxDOT will then make a recommendation to the city based on the findings from both phases of the study.”

Oaks said TxDOT officials will have a “definite direction” the agency will recommend on or after Aug. 17.

Center City Council members were informed at a Monday meeting the start of construction work in downtown Center as part of a major streetscape project is pending a decision from Texas Department of Transportation officials.

TxDOT has been studying options related to the future of traffic control devices at each of the four intersections. In mid-June the state agency announced plans to change the signals from regular stop lights to flashing red at each intersection for a period of 30 days beginning June 17.

This week TxDOT announced they were extending the study through at least Aug. 17.

Nehring said as of early this week the city had not received word from TxDOT on what decision, if any, had been reached. City officials earlier said they hoped to see streetscape construction start soon after the conclusion this the What-A-Melon Festival.


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