Are you unhappy with your broadband/internet service?

Center city officials seek input on broadband service quality in the area

The City of Center, Texas, led by the Center Economic Development Corporation, and in partnership with Lit Communities, LLC, is proud to announce a city-wide survey designed to assess residential and business demand for a fiber optic network that could be built throughout the city.

Businesses and homes in Center have long struggled with inadequate internet connectivity in addition to unreliable speeds and service.

The survey went on-line on Dec. 18th to all city residents and businesses and those in close proximity to the city.

It asks questions regarding the respondent's current service, price, speed and reliability as well as what types of services they would like to see offered through a network.

The city will then look to determine the best method of moving forward to expand a broadband network through Center.

To take the survey please click on to the City of Center website:

Here is the link to the survey:

If there are any questions about the survey, please call City Hall at 936/598-2941.

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Lit Communities is a consulting and infrastructure development company that is building tomorrow's ultra-fast open application broadband networks.

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