Tenaha Holiday Hoops: Tenaha girls fall to Martins Mill; Lipan wins boys title

Host Tenaha will play Martins Mill at 7 p.m. Friday for the girls championship of the 9th annual Tenaha Holiday Hoops Classic. The boys championship game will be played at 8:30 p.m.

Friday's Schedule (all game at Tenaha Special Events Center, unless otherwise noted):


Championship game:  Martins Mill,52, Tenaha 39

Third-place game: LaPoyner vs. Grapeland, 4 p.m.

Consolation 5th-place game: TImpson vs. Edgewood, 1 p.m. 

Consolation game: Joaquin vs. Centerville, 10 a.m.

Consolation game: Colmesneil vs. White Oak, 10 a.m. @ Tiger Gym

Consolation game: Harleton vs. Shelbyville, 2:30 p.m. @ Tiger Gym


Championship game: Lipan 54, Kountze 38

Third-place game: Lanville vs. loser Thorndale Lipan, 5:30 p.m.

Consolation 5th-place game: Tenaha vs. winner Neches vs. Sabine, 2:30 p.m.

Consolation game: Big Sandy vs. Queen City, 8:30 a.m.

Consolation game: Shelbyville vs. San Augustine, 11:30 a.m. 

Consolation game: Oakwood vs. Elysian Fields, 1 p.m. @ Tiger Gym

Consolation game: Joaquin vs. Alto, 11:30 a.m. @ Tiger Gym

Thursday's results:


Timpson 66, Elysian Fields 38

LaPoyner 49, Timpson 45

Martins Mill 57, LaPoyner 54

Tenaha 68, Grapeland 46

Grapeland 61, Huckabay 35

Joaquin 41, Lipan 35

Lipan 46, Shelbyville 39

Edgewood def.  Huckabay

Centerville 66, Colmesneil 31

Sabine 57, White Oak 40

Centerville 41, Sabine 33

Joaquin def. Harleton


Cushing def. Joaquin

Shelbyville def. Alto

Shelbyville def. Cushing

Port Aransas def. Oakwood

San Augustine def. Elysian Fields

Big Sandy 85, LaPoyner 76

Queen City 64, Timpson 50

Kountze 76, Tenaha 71

Laneville 74, White Oak 61

Thorndale 62, Neches 35

Lipan def. Sabine

San Augusutine def. Port Aransas

Kountze 67, Lindale 56 


Official Program for Tenaha Holiday Hoops Classic

Photos for sale: Timpson boys basketball vs. Elysian Fields

Photos for sale: Shelbyville boys vs. Thorndale

Photos for sale: Timpson boys vs. Lipan

Photos for sale: Tenaha girls vs. Cushing

Photos for sale: Tenaha boys vs. Port Aransas

Wednesday's Boys results:

Tenaha 53, Port Aransas 42 FINAL: The Tigers were playing their first game of the season since most of their players were on the football team that played for the championship six days ago. Tenaha's shooting was off, but their defense seemed to be ingood form as it recorded five steals, an offensive charge and a 5-second inbounds violation in the first half. The Tigers also held the Marlins to just three points in the second period. 

Other boys games Wednesday:

LaPoynor 41, Alto 39

Kountze 90, LaPoynor 56

Queen City 50, Oakwood 47

Thorndale 67, Shelbyville 57

Sabine 64, San Augustine 51

Timpson 63, Elysian Fields 55

Lipan 63, Timpson 43 

Tenaha 53, Port Aransas 42

White Oak 46, Joaquin 44

White Oak 75, Big Sandy 72

Laneville 77, Cushing 71

Neches 54, Queen City 49

Wednesday's girls results:

LaPoynor 49, Timpson 45

San Augustine 51, Colmesneil 38

Martins Mill 89, San Augustine 18

Elysian Fields 52, Centerville 48

Timpson 51, Sabine 18

LaPoynor def. White Oak

Cushing 46, Harleton 44

Tenaha 66, Cushing 33

Edgewood 51, Lipan 15

Grapeland 77, Joaquin 50

Martinsville 69, Shelbyville 31

Huckabay 42, Martinsville 28

Martins Mill 78, Elysian Fields 17

Grapeland 61, Huckabay 35

Tenaha 42, Edgewood 28

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